Ukrainian investigative journalist and editor, Natalie Sedletska, one of 12 journalists who helped rescue the documents that exposed the corruption of disgraced Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych

Written and compiled by Ted Sullivan

· Celebrating Great Journalism Investigations and Campaigns

· Reporting on freedom of the press and free access to information

“This is true liberty when free-born men/Having to advise the public may speak free”

Aeropagitica John Milton 1644

The Ukraine is not be a country that readily comes to mind as being in the vanguard of investigative journalism. But the dramatic story of the Yanukovych Leaks investigation — still unfolding today after almost seven years of reporting and criminal proceedings — will convince you otherwise.

There is no doubt that something very special was…

‘I am five million votes behind but I still won…by a lot’

After a rancorous divisive election campaign, the electoral college allows President Trump to mount a propaganda campaign against the result even though he lost the popular vote by 5 million votes.

Never, ever again says the campaign group National Popular Vote who are determined and confident that 2020 will be the last presidential election where the runner-up can claim victory. Ted Sullivan looks at the justice of their cause.


No more battleground states, no more flyover states, no more bystander states. Only the United States

No more presidential campaigns for electoral votes focussed entirely on a handful of swing…

Everybody’s vote matters

Can America ever reclaim the democratic high ground without abolishing, or at least reforming the electoral college that elects the president?

Developed more than 200 years ago to help protect the wealth and institutions of slavery in the American south , the electoral college continues to distort presidential elections today. Ted Sullivan examines the evidence

— -

There’s no denying that the American presidential election provides the wider world with political drama and inspiration not available in the other superpower states of China and Russia . …

Edward Charles Sullivan

I am a retired senior lecturer in journalism living in the UK after working in Canada, Asia and UK. I campaign and lecture on issues relating to press freedom

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